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From the Mayflower, the Wright Brothers, to the Apollo landing on the Moon, here are more facts you might like to check.

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After many readers asked me for more curious facts about the United States history and general information, I’ve decided to write a second installment.

I wondered whether to call it the “Adjust your Factometer Book II” or the “U.S. and the Chamber of secrets and curious facts.”

1 — The Appalachian Mountains are America’s second-largest mountain range. That is true in part. Eighty percent of the Appalachians extend along the U.S. Still, the rest runs into eastern Canada and up to the islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, an overseas territory of France, near Newfoundland, Canada. Therefore, you can take…

Get your facts right, old man! Fact-checking a friend’s facts. How well do you rate?

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Yesterday I was talking to a friend, and we started debating about the history of the United States. When we finished, I decided to send him a simple list of ten facts that many people have wrong.

If you want to check it, here is the list of curious facts about the United States; you might like to find out if you have them right. And in the process, save yourself some searching time and probably adjust your “Factometer.”

1 — Washington was not the first president. There were 14 more Continental Presidents, 1. Peyton Randolph, 2. Arthur Henry Middleton…

100 Dyslexics in 150 Words or Less. Sir Anthony Hopkins, born in Wales on 12/31/1937. At 15, he enrolled in the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in 1957, later spent two years in the British Army. Sir Laurence Olivier invited him to join the Royal National Theater.

He started on the BBC’s “A Flea in Her Ear” in 1967, and the following year in “The Lion in Winter” as Richard I, with Peter O’Toole and Katharine Hepburn.

He has performed Shakespeare’s “King Lear,” and “Macbeth.” Also in “Westworld,” and The Mask of Zorro,” “The two Popes.” He won Oscars for “The Silence of the Lambs” and “The Father.”

Wikimedia Commons

I was pathetic at school. I don’t know if it was dyslexia, ADD, or just me being a problem child. I was bottom of the class at everything.

— Anthony Hopkins

100 Dyslexics in 150 Words or Less. Nikola Tesla. Born in Croatia in 1856, he could memorize entire books, worked for days with few hours of sleep.

He studied Math, Physic, and Philosophy. He supported the AC power while his ex-boss Edison backed DC, starting the “Battle of the Currents.” Edison convinced the Mayor of NY to kill a prisoner with an AC to discredit Tesla.

Wikimedia Commons

Tesla lost everything to prove the benefits of the AC. and lived in a New York hotel and die on 01/07/1943

Scientists found many characteristics of Dyslexia in Tesla, like 3D thinking.

My method is different. I do not rush into actual work. When I get a new idea, I start at once building it up in my imagination, and make improvements and operate the device in my mind.”

— Nikola Tesla

Should I stay, quit, or work hard and find another publication?

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Today, as I was browsing my computer, I came across an email from the editor of a publication I’d submitted an article a couple of days ago. I have to admit that I’m getting used to these letters.

You know, the ones telling you they did not accept your story into the publication. However, your story is still published, and you can share it with your network.

As I was preparing to thank him for reading my article and writing a note. …

Writing Challenge 100*100 Accepted. Thanks to the initiative of Dr. Mehmet Yildiz, to publish 100 stories in 100 days. I’m going to accept the challenge. And as they say in Texas hold 'em, while we are on this game, I’ll raise the bet and try to do it in the new 150-word format.

Hi, I’m a writer or, as others might know me, “The third-grader who refused to listen to his teacher.” On a quest to help all the people diagnose with Dyslexia overcome the challenge and see that they are not alone.

As I stated before that, we don’t…

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