How CPAC is already granting leadership to the former President

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If you wondered, how long would it take for Donald Trump to return to politics after his second impeachment? You can stop counting the days.

Sen. Susan Collins was right the first time when she predicted that Trump had learned his lesson after the first impeachment.

Now no more than 10 days after the second impeachment, he is about to show his supporters he learned that he can get away with whatever he wants and that he’s back and ready to take the Republican Party.

Matthew Aaron “Matt” Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union (CPAC), announced that Donald Trump…

Welcome to Donald Trump’s worst nightmare

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Picture entering the court you’re going to be trial, and find that the girl you stood up at the altar is now the judge presiding, and her best friend the prosecutor with her family and friends as jury.

I guess that your first thought will be, “I’m screwed.”

This scenario is what Donald Trump is about to face in the future, as he re-enters his role as a private citizen, facing several state and federal trials.

During the last year of Barack Obama’s presidency, the Republicans stopped the hearing for Judge Merrick Garland's confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Well, isn’t…

¿Qué sucedió?, ¿quién es el responsable?, ¿ahora qué se puede hacer?

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Como a millones de personas en Estados Unidos, me sorprendió el resultado del juicio político a Donald Trump. Esperaba que los republicanos lo absolvieran, pero honestamente, me dejó de mal humor todo el fin de semana.

No fue el hecho de que la mayoría de los republicanos votaran a favor de quién parece ser el nuevo líder de su partido.

Si no por todas las declaraciones posteriores a la votación, especialmente el discurso del senador Mitch McConnell que intentaba condenar las acciones de Trump el 6 de enero, pocos minutos después de absolverlo.

Y todos los secuaces de Trump en…

What happened, who is responsible, what can you do now?

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Like millions of people in the United States, I was shocked by the results of the impeachment of Donald Trump. I was expecting the Republicans to acquit him, but honestly, it left me in a bad mood all weekend.

It was not the fact that most of the Republicans voted to favor who seems to be the new leader in their party.

But all the declarations after the vote, especially Sen. Mitch McConnell’s speech trying to condemn Trump's actions on January 6th, just minutes after he voted to acquit him.

And all Trump’s minions on Fox News, still trying to…

Principles for a Life of Breakthroughs and Purpose.

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Have you ever asked yourself what you would do if you weren't afraid?

Imagine all the things you could have accomplished by taking a risk instead of staring at the opportunity? To many of us, the thought of doing something new and taking a risk is an almost paralyzing experience. We sit as spectators and later probably regret not taking the opportunity.

But what can we do to ease the stress caused by a new situation and help us get our decision-making in shape for that next challenge?

Here are five Principles for a Life of Breakthrough and Purpose from…

Is it really necessary, unconstitutional, or just BS?

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Well, the day has arrived, and today the Senate starts the trial to impeach Donald Trump for the second time. Many Senators question if it is really necessary since he has already left the White House.

Republicans argue that it is unconstitutional, unprecedented, and will divide the country even more. Showing support for his leader.

Democrats, on the other hand, say it is necessary to try Trump for treason and make him accountable for inciting the mob on January 6th.

We can all agree that it will be a way for both parties to throw at each other worthless and…

Cómo el Senado está creando la trifecta perfecta para que Trump se reelija a la presidencia una vez más.

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Foto por Mathew Schwartz en Unsplash

Han pasado apenas unas semanas desde que el presidente Trump salió de la Casa Blanca rumbo a su casa en Mar-a-Lago, y los canales de noticias hablan como si se fuera a retirar pacíficamente.

Mucha gente no lo quiere de regreso. Pero todavía tiene un número importante de seguidores que están dispuestos a donar dinero para su campaña, y seguirlo hasta su próximo período en la Casa Blanca.

Solo hay que recordar cómo el 6 de enero, una multitud con gorras de MAGA y banderas de TRUMP irrumpió en el Capitolio tratando de anular las elecciones, obligando al personal de…

But only if you are white and Republican. Be aware of Voter Suppression Laws V3.0

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Steve Buissinne en Pixabay

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

We all know these words from the Declaration of Independence. We’ve read them at school, seen them in movies, and even at Broadway.

But what do these words mean, and why are there so many politicians who don’t accept that different groups of people have the same voter’s rights as the rest?

Where did all start

“When the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776…

5 of McConnell’s lessons for the “Don’t do as I say do as I do” attitude Democrats need to learn

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Sammy-Williams en Pixabay

The clock is ticking for the Democrats. This is no time to rest and take it slow, especially with the 2022 midterm elections so close and the balance on both chambers at play.

If they want to keep the majority, they must work fast to implement all of Biden’s reforms.

First, they must learn some of Mitch McConnell’s tricks instead of playing the nice guy card.

Most of his political career has been to promote himself and keep the power, not about how many bills he passed.

“The 116th U.S. Congress — featuring a Republican-led Senate and a Democratic-held House…

GOP is cracking down, Cracking down, Cracking down…

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Imagen de Loren Elkin en Pixabay

Lumpy Trumpy started a big wall,
The Republican Party had a great fall;
The GOP and RNC now try,
To put the Party together again.

GOP is cracking down,
Cracking down, cracking down.
GOP is cracking down,
Now they must fix it.

These are not children’s rhymes or jokes for the Republican Party, as I wrote in an article on December 3 :

On November 18, Pro-Trump protesters rally against the results of the U.S. Presidential election outside the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia. …

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